Caffeinated in Woolwich, another book by me

Caffeinated in Woolwich, another book by me

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I live in a church, Lochcarron Church, Scotland

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Resisting the desire for a new phone in the name of conservation.

What was I thinking? My new phone had two faults and I am returning it now for a refund. However, during this period I have been battling with the thing, adding apps, taking them off. Also, all my political poems always complain about "getting a new phone" as the world seems to be locked into this crazy cycle (among many other decadent landfill items). I have reverted to my old phone which will only die as the app makers stop supporting it. So I realise I am bending to pressure to have to have a new phone, and for what? Complete stress for these stupid apps that I realise, I don't actually want, and a nasty battery to poison the planet. I guess I have to suppress my inner geek for new stuff and turn it to preserving old stuff again. Much more in line with my conservation desires! It's not easy being green!!

Angel (poem)


Straight out of Woolwich (poem)

Straight out of Woolwich you and I walk out to the Thames bank the coffee shop had pumped us with caffeine for us to observe the water boats, birds, the ferry across the bank a park green oasis the sugar factory up the river industry down our phones are quiet and we chat about the river about the boats about lost loves we walk easily towards the ferry soon the over half a century year old boat rumbles around us as we sit on the wooden benches it repeats the journey across a worn furrow in the water as it has done thousands of times as many others will do this journey, repeated not you and I but others and others many many times, again and again

I am a: INFJ (Myers Briggs)

I just did the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test (Myers Briggs) a second time via a different website:
and the result is the same, I am a: INFJ
Individual traits: Introverted – 75%, Intuitive – 66%, Feeling – 69%, Judging – 58%, Assertive – 58%
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Confident Individualism