Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Clangers and Bagpuss

At the V&A museum of childhood they have the original Bagpuss and Clangers


Ivor the Engine


The filming equipment

The cast of Bagpuss

A clanger

Friday, 8 July 2016

Burning Wolfhound, a thriller by Justin Tuijl

Burning Wolfhound a thriller by Justin Tuijl

Assassin Bernhard Smith chases American gangster Jack Davenport and his crew across the world, seeking revenge for a series of bloody murders. Setting out from England in his ex-navy gunboat the Wolfhound, Bernhard continues the hunt through Rotterdam, Oldenzaal, Gibraltar, Monaco, Malta, Egypt, and India. Reaching the Himalayan town of Darjeeling in pursuit of Jack, Bernhard finds his journey has not yet ended. Via sex, drugs, motorbikes and birdwatching, Bernard’s fears and desires explode in a final gripping twist. Burning Wolfhound, a thriller, is set in 1968.

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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Prince, Bowie and Lemmy

I finally had a little cry today about Prince going. Funny it was set off by listening to Bowie, Let me sleep beside you, a song about getting older. It cut me up because Prince, Bowie and Lemmy (all major influences) have all gone and can't write about it anymore :(

David Bowie - Let Me Sleep Beside You Lyrics

Baby, baby, brush the dust of youth from your shoulder
Because the years of fretting days are right behind you now
Don't return to fields of green where rainbow secrets were told
Place your ragged doll with all the toys and things and deeds
I will show you a game where the winner never wins
Let your hair hang down, wear the dress your mother wore
Let me sleep beside you
Lock away your childhood and throw away the key
For now the streets and city sounds will burn your eyes as coals
We shall drink the oldest wine and velvet skies will linger
Child, you're a woman now, your heart and soul are free
I will boldly light that lamp and we shall walk together
Let your hair hang down, wear the dress your mother wore
Let me sleep beside you
Your darkened eyes throw mystery
But your lips are void of history
You could not imagine that it could happen this way, could you
I will give you dreams and I'll tell you things you'll like to hear
Let your hair hang down, wear the dress your mother wore
Let me sleep beside you
Let me sleep beside you

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Friday, 25 March 2016

When you read this after I’m dead, a poem by Justin Tuijl (2016)

When you read this after I’m dead

When you read this after I’m dead
You’ll know that
I heard the Blackbirds sing
In the evening
As I walked in the rain
And I wanted to capture the moment
While the air tasted so fresh
And I walked these pavements
Smelt the car exhaust
And I owned
A phone
Had things
Consumed the food
Drank the water
Kept warm in my room
Brushed my teeth
Gave thanks at being alive
Felt good
Felt bad
Made love
Read a book
Listened to the radio
And worried about death

And now I’m gone
It’s your turn

Thursday, 24 March 2016

This time, a poem by Justin Tuijl (2016)

This time
by Justin Tuijl (2016)

As we make love
This first time
This is our best time
Tomorrow we will move on
We could part quickly
We could be happy
We could stay together
This time as we move forward
Will be where we return to
If the future is either
Full of hate
Or full of love
Or both

Monday, 21 March 2016

One more edit!

I have decided that I need to edit the novel one more time! Going to run it though the Hemingway App. Has to be done!

A 10 mile slouch from one side of the Thames Barrier to the other

On Sunday I took a walk to the UEL library, then I thought: "Oh why not?" and walked to the Thames Barrier Park for a sit in the cafe and a coffee. Then walking around the park I looked at the other side of the barrier and thought: "Oh why not?" and walked to the otherside! Google maps seems to think I flew over, but it wasn't that easy! 10 miles not easy. In the deffence of Google maps I have realised keeping the GPS on will give a good route record. From now on I know what to do.


Abandoned docklands stuff

That's a big boat!

The other side

The control tower

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Out with Lord Dark Helmet - a short London cycle

What started as a short cycle ended up as quite a journey. From the UEL to Trinity Buoy Wharf then along the Lea River. After this I cut back along the Greenway back to Beckton. Shattered!


Stealth Ship

Random Lost Motorbike

The Longplayer

View from the Longplayer


Now in Holland

Map! I turned on the GPS half way through and got a much better route record!