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Rejected by a computer

A worrying trend of late is when applying for a online job that you get rejected by the computer. A recent example for me was applying for a job at Barclays at Canary Wharf for a web developer. I did the initial test and all went very well. At the end of what I thought was the whole of the application, which took half an hour, it said that I was an extremely strong candidate. Further it said that my application would be shown to a human and they would get back to me. However immediately after this an email came, clearly automatically, which informed me I needed to take a few tests as a formality. After another hour of my life had passed the tests were done. I probably did well but for my all time problem of mathematics. Again, at the end of this an email arrived instantly to inform me that my application would not be taken any further. This is a disturbing trend, I am a web designer, not a mathematician. Your loss Barclays.

The Plan

Personal Statement – Justin Tuijl
I ideally I would like to be a full time author, but feel there might not be enough money in this. The core of my motivation is conservation “saving the planet” and my desire is to continue with my voluntary work in this cause. I have always used writing as a vehicle to spread the word of conservation. This I am continuing to do. If I can write novels and articles for publication and live from this then all to the good.
I have a long history of writing. Struggles with dyslexia at school failed to dissuade me from the desire to learn to read and write, though it was indeed a hard road. I have constantly written since. Articles, web content, 6 novels, short stories and many poems. Beyond this is my constant desire to look at things differently and an inquisitive nature that shuns the obvious. I have also had many unusual life experiences and seen both the best and worst of people and life and work in various places and cultures in the world such as Indone… web design: Release your inner Biggles web design: Release your inner Biggles: Here is a forum I made back in 2003. Originally it was hosted with free hosts but they kept going bust or being hacked. In the end it was mo...

A psytrance musical project of mine

This is a project to make psytrance of mine under an artist name other tan my own

Starship Anjuna #psytrance#musician and #DJ come and like the facebook page:
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