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Contiki Coach Tour 1990

3 week holiday travelling around Europe in a bus 18 to 35 year olds

Page 1 intro - Page 2 travelogue - Page 3 photos

So there I was a Limey on a Ozzy coach tour. And it was a very good time.

"If you miss the bus: you are having a good time!"
Bus Song: The Monkeys, Daydream Believer

In 1990 I used to work with an Australian called Rob. He had been on a Contiki tour and highly recommended it to me, but until I stepped onto the bus I had no idea that I was going to be the only Limey along! But hey the Ozzys, Kiwis and South Africans were up for a good time so I had no worries there.

We sailed to Belgium first over a very choppy sea. Here the tour combined to make a full bus; the other half had already seen the delights of Amsterdam.

During his speech introducing the tour George, the tour guide, told us that if we were not there for the bus he would leave us behind, assuming that we were 'having a good time'. Of course the tour saying became 'if you miss the bus y…

My stereos - a history

My Stereo(s) (Hi-fi) The rise and fall and rise again. A History of my stereo endeavours.

Part 1 - from a radio to the Pioneer

Part 1 | Part 2 | My stereo in June 2015

This is no boast but I love my stereo. Having a good stereo is the centre of my life and my only essential possession for someone who is not really into possessions.

Early days

I started my stereo life with a radio my Grandad gave me. Then I got my Dad's old setup (record deck and Sinclair System 2000 compact amp) which I added another one of my Grandads radio's to.

My Dad's amp was like this only black:

The Pioneer compact hi-fi

When I got a proper job I was able to start saving for something better and I bought a Pioneer compact Hi-fi which after a time I really started to hate. The Pioneer quality was lacking from this unit and really a lot of it was for show, like the twin display spectrum analyser. I hated the way the cassette and cd decks clunked about. Many things frustrated me with it, like th…

Justin's Citroen 2CV

(was) Justin's Citroen 2CV - Charlie
(this is photoshopped)
This was my mid-life crisis “steam horse”
Citroen 2CV6 Special 1982 X-Reg
I wanted a 2CV for a long time, when I was young my father had a Dyane 6 which is similar, although 'uprated'. "Steam Horse" becase 2CV stands for: deux chevaux vapeur, literally "two steam horses", from the tax horsepower rating. Quoted from wikipedia: 2cv

This one was purchased for £1000 via ebay in 2010. I went to Bournemouth to collect it and purchased it from a young lady who bought it before she had passed her test, and after 40 lessons she was loosing interest. It was her dream car, but lucky enough it was also my dream car, therefore I was a good person to take care of it.

I fell in love with the car on the journey back from Bournemouth and wanted to pat it like a faithful dog each time I stopped for a break. And closer to home …


Amendment to infrastructure bill puts cycling investment on a level with roads

My Computers

My computers - or 'a whole lota landfill!' The rise and fall and rise again of my computers and a life wasted in cyber world
I don't know if it is wrong or right, bad or good but a lot of my life has been spent inside a computer in cyber world. I was happy, wasn't I? I am dyslexic and had trouble reading and writing when I was young, computers just made so much sense!

The coming of the Apple 1970's
My first experience of computers was an Apple 2 at my Mum's work, sometime in the late 1970's, probably '77. Then it just seemed to have great games on it. Subsequently they had Apple IIe and an AppleIIc. I was allowed to use these computers and did a lot of Apple Basic programming which was very good practice for making websites as it turns out! I ended up …