Justin's Citroen 2CV

(was) Justin's Citroen 2CV - Charlie

This was my mid-life crisis “steam horse”
Citroen 2CV6 Special 1982 X-Reg
I wanted a 2CV for a long time, when I was young my father had a Dyane 6 which is similar, although 'uprated'. "Steam Horse" becase 2CV stands for: deux chevaux vapeur, literally "two steam horses", from the tax horsepower rating. Quoted from wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/Citroen 2cv

This one was purchased for £1000 via ebay in 2010. I went to Bournemouth to collect it and purchased it from a young lady who bought it before she had passed her test, and after 40 lessons she was loosing interest. It was her dream car, but lucky enough it was also my dream car, therefore I was a good person to take care of it.

I fell in love with the car on the journey back from Bournemouth and wanted to pat it like a faithful dog each time I stopped for a break. And closer to home I had to turn on the stubby wipers and it was like two little furiously waging tails.

This was the sixth car I had owned, the others were mostly modern sporty models. Most men buy a red sports car when they are 40, trust me to be different! 602cc is not a high performance manhood replacement!

This is a yellow and black charleston which is a very rare colour and was only produced for a year. I have heard that there may only be 50 existing worldwide, and not all of those on the road. Money people respray other coloured 2CV's into this colour, but there is nothing like an original.

I used to like to modify my cars but these days I have decided that my new modified is standard. It was very cheap to run.

Unexpected renovation for £6000 plus

However soon after I got it I took it for a wheel bearing to be done and got it back six months later with a bill for £6000. The man had done everything mechanical to it that you can. It was very hard to pay this back and I had to take out several credit cards and pay back the balance transfer over a year.

He had gone quite mad. There were new cylinders either side, new front wishbones, new alternator... oh the list goes on and on. Ok it did save me the job and it did run sweetly compared to the original tired car I bought back from Bournemouth.. but still. And really there was so much more to do, like bodywork etc. I had expected to either run it and sell it in a year untouched or fully renovate it and keep it forever. I hadn't expect to do it all at once.

Myself I also replaced the hood with a high quality one, added a high performance coil and electronic ignition, and I spent a lot of time and money under-sealing it myself it with Dinitrol. It was still on the original chassis, which was good but a little buckled on the drivers side near the engine.

Then I drove it around for only six months or so, which did include a trip to the International 2CV Friends meeting in Salbris in France, a 2CVGB meeting at Winchester, 2CVGB - Firkin Feezing, and several car events and country fairs.

Then the car was off the road for some months while I was away doing conservation from 2011. It was stored for sometime but in the end I got it back on the road for a few months and sold it. While it was back on the road I was unable to drive it much as I had no money for petrol.

It went to live in London and has had an awful lot of money spent on it since by the new owner. I sold it to start my new life in Indonesia, but which didn't work out.

I sold the car for just over £2000 in Sept 2013, a loss of £5000(!)  For a cost of at least £7000 I drove it for under a year, but the time I did drive it were great times.

Driving Charlie to Geldeston Locks in Suffolk from my house in Norwich video:

More pictures

Silly Photoshoping

Second ebay picture in Bournemouth before I got it

A car show in St Neots

2CVGB meeting in Winchester

2CVGB meeting in Winchester

2CVGB meeting in Winchester

On the way to Salbris International 2CV Friends meeting
with boot box

International 2CV friends meeting in Salbris France

When it was stored while I was away saving the planet

In London - no longer mine
Copyright Alan Livingstone MacLeod
Spotted in London! 2CV spotters are everywhere!
Copyright Rob Obertelli Clark
Charlie in a music video, my own music and video back when I owned it

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I would love to have another 2CV one day, currently I have no car (2015). I did love the bumble-bee Charlie but I wouldn't have a special edition again. While I had it I had to keep touching up the paint, and each spray can was £50. It was a burden. If I got another one I'd paint it matt black, like this:


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