my pre-columbian mexican tattoos

I had always wanted a tattoo but could never decide on what to have. Had toyed with the idea of celtic arm bands, but wasn't sure. Then when I got to Goa in 1994 the time seemed right as nearly everyone as the Rose Garden Restaurant in Anjuna Goa was getting a tattoo done by Michelle Edge who was doing them at her studio in Baga, near Nani's and Rani's Restaurant. I had a few false starts but the final design I chose was this one, an Aztec shield (or Sun emblem). I was convinced (by Michelle) that a tribal style was best. Although some say it is Inca and some say it is African, I have since found out that the style is Pre-Columbian Mexican which includes Aztec. I have also found out that there are many of these patterns in the Pre-Columbian art and they are not necessarily sun emblems but could have adorned any art such as pottery or textiles.
I have never regretted my tattoo, I have occasionally thought of having another one, but I am so happy with the one I have, what is the point?
My new tattoo, done towards the end of 2009:

This is also Pre-Columbian Mexican design and was modified from a circular design by me and tweaked by the tattoo artist. So yes I did give in to another tattoo 15 years after the first one! This was done by Andy in Ajnuna, Goa.
Then in 2014 another one! Done by Amulet Tattoo in Indonesia.