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Royal Enfield India

Enfield Bullet 350cc / Enfield India

Motorbike in Goa, fun to be had on classic British motorbikes in India (made in India)

(click pictures to enlarge) I don't have a motorbike licence in England but have always wanted to drive a big bike, so in India how could I resist the Enfield? Not really a performance bike, more a cruiser I never saw the speedo over 40 m.p.h they have a lovely sound more like a lawn mower than a motorbike. Most Indian bikes are not that well looked after, but a rough bike is just as much fun to get used to.

These days in Goa it is no longer illegal to hire a motorbike and you can now hire an official tourist bike, much more civilised.

My 1995 bike

My 1995 bike

My 1994 bike

My 1995 bike

My 2003 bike

My 1994 bike

My 1995 bike

My 2003 bike

My 1994 bike

 My 2009 bike a 'tourist bike'

2012 - Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc 'Machismo' special edition.

I will sort the bikes into date order when I get round to it but here is info on the bikes:

My 1994 bike. Was knocked off by a Japanese man on a scooter and broke a bone in my foot. The bike was a very good one and mechanically very smooth with lots of protection bars.

My 1995 bike. Was still a very smooth bike but not as good as '94, it also lacked protection bars.

My 2003 bike. Almost a nightmare! The chain fell off, the battery died, the back light did not work, there were no protection bars and the gears were very hit and miss. Still great fun to drive though! It also had a side stand, very handy.

My 2009 bike: a standard Bullet but a 'hire bike' it was absolutely knackered, kept breaking down as it was so abused as a hire bike. This bike broke down so much that I had other Yamaha bikes while it was being repaired, some of them much to fast for India roads. I always enjoyed getting the Enfield back. Driving a tourist bike does mean that you don't fear the police... as much!

My 2012 bike: was a 'machismo' special in British racing green. This was a very nice bike but more powerful than the standard 350cc Bullet due to a longer throw in the cylinder. However this did make it more dangerous!

I was in Gos again in 2013 but refused to hire a motorbike, as then I was doing my voluntary conservation and the money was tight. I got about on a really dilapidated bicycle!


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