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Gibraltar / Spain / Morocco Feb 2010

I had a desire from childhood to tick two travel boxes: Malta and Gibraltar. This was when I ticked the latter.

View from my hotel window of the rock

My hotel in Spain in La Linea
It is a lot cheaper to stay in Spain and commute into Gibraltar. Also this way one gets a holiday of two cultures.

The rock from Spain over customs

This is as you approach Gibraltar town, a drawbridge!

Main street Gibraltar

From the rock pointing at Spain

Aalgeciras Spain in the distance

The infamous monkey of the rock

Pointing at Egypt I think, well the other continent!

the other end of the rock

the cable car


The natural caves

The man made caves at the other end of the rock

Moorish Castle

Art dekko fire station

Pretty British hotel

the 100 ton gun

La Linea beach

the back side of the rock (east)

More backside

This ship sat there empty the whole of my stay (east side)

La Linea

An Indian place, one of the only veggie places to eat

I was in Morocco for 1 day, would really like to go back. Tetouan is where my guide lived, he was like Alexei Sayle's twin and wore a fez. The town is really traditional with a newer bit and a walled town inside. It is really like stepping back in time. There was also a Jewish quarter and a market.

Tetouan - Morocco

Tetouan - Morocco

Tetouan - Morocco
Tetouan - Morocco

This was the restaurant I ate in. Though it was a coach tour I was the only person on it! A whole bus and restaurant for me. They also tried to sell me gifts here, but realised I wasn't going to spend a penny. I was pretty short of money at the time. However once the selling people on the route realised I wasn't going to buy they were very decent about it.
I also visited Tangier but failed to take any pictures. There was a walled town there also, but some very modern office blocks as well.

On the road - Morocco
The weird thing about the villages and towns is that there are no roads. To an English person expecting roads everywhere, to see a place full of houses but without roads is most strange.

I think there was something special on that day as every junction and rounder-bout had these flags and a policeman. Also on the coast road between Ceuta and Tetouan it is endless, endless holiday villas, which were mostly empty. I also saw the new container port, it was just being built and super enormous. The King is on a capitalism drive - times are a changing for Morocco!
The rock from the hydrofoil coming back
I had a scare before coming back. You exit Morocco into a Spanish enclave Ceuta before boarding the boat back. I was with two American women who had joined the bus right at the end in order to go back to Spain. They had decided on the tour the previous day to stay on for a night. We were hurrying to catch the boat as the bus had delivered us in the nick of time. Unfortunately the customs man decided I looked shifty and took me into a room on my own, he was wearing rubber gloves! Lucky he was just being weird and I ran to the ferry just in time, I had lost touch with my American new friends though.

La Linea

La Linea cafe
This was where I got hooked on coffee. I hadn't had a drop of coffee since I was a kid. Then I ordered tea here and the man bought me a coffee with milk. I simply couldn't waste it. After drinking I was totally high on caffeine, so started a major addiction! In the years from then I have attempted to make up for the years without it.

La Linea

La Linea


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