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TS Lord Nelson aka HMS Vale (P155)

I pass this old gun/patrol boat very often in Norwich, UK. I absolutely love it, I'd love to have this as my own. Live on it, sail around the world type of thing. It now belongs to the Norwich Sea Cadets. It did partly inspire the gun boat in my novel (see my writing). When I was doing research on the novel and to get ideas I photographed it and had a close look at the ship. I still would like to see inside, maybe I will ask them one day!

Lord Nelson aka HMS Vale (P155) c. Justin Tuijl

This is a second life for the old thing. I guess if the Sea Cadets hadn't had it the boat would have gone for scrap. What a waste! The Swedish wikipedia says:

Launched: 1978 Decommissioned: 1995

Length 33.6 m
Width 6.3 m
Depth 1.7 m
Displacement 120/150 tons
Machine 2 x Diesel MTU MB20VV 2x3700 hp
Spe 36 knots

Armament 1 x 57 mm cannon
6 x Penguin Robots

Here is a picture in active days with sister ship Vidar (P156) it looks much lower in the water which no doubt was on account of the war materials on board:

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