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Greylizard webdesign and justin tuijl DJ

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What one gets up to with a webcam and photoshop on a Sunday morning! Me-kon! Turning myself into the Mekon from the Dan Dare comics!

My new laptop!

Got my new laptop today (26th May 2015) that student loans say is worth over £500, I paid them £250 for it. Now I Google it and Currys sell it for £299! Its a HP15-r150sa. Still, it is fully loaded with software. Dragon Dictate, Test Help and Office 2013. My current Dell was £400 second hand :P

Intel i5, terabyte HD, 6 gig memory
Intel Core i5-4210U with Intel HD Graphics 4400 (1.7 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores) 6 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM (1 x 2 GB, 1 x 4 GB) 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA, SuperMulti DVD burner Intel HD Graphics 4400, 39.6 cm (15.6") diagonal HD BrightView WLED-backlit (1366 x 768) Microsoft Windows 10 Am very pleased with it, lovely laptop:

I still have the Dell D840 which has become my stereo pretty much but is still there for backup and possible gigs if I don't want to use or risk the HP.

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My favourite games

Starting to look like Captain Pi-cardigan in my old age

Captain Justin T Picard-igan

Living with being a Tuijl minus the van

My surname is Dutch. Most people attempt to say it pronouncing the J, often if they phone me and say: "Is Mr Tweegiul there?" I know that I have a sales call. The simple answer is that in Holland they drop the J, or the J is silent. Hence Tuil or Tuyl. Most of my relatives in Holland spell their name Tuyl. This is allowed there without having to resort to deed-poll.

I was endlessly frustrated with the name when I was younger. Most people say my first name wrong so I end up as Jason Tweegiul. I don't bother to correct people any-more. I often say, it's just pronounced Tile as in roof or floor tile. Looks pretty, but is, in-fact just plain old Tile. Much like Ne-dell coming from Needle. Or Le-dell from Ladle.

I've got used to the name now and no longer think of changing it to Jason Smith or Spider Mann.

It is a bit different, as there seem to be a lot of van Tuijls but not so many Tuijls. And I can always make out it is really posh like Twasgell - accentuated with …

Justin Tuijl - from young to bald - the photos


Justin Tuijl - writer: Cat

Justin Tuijl - writer: Cat: Pass me your cup, and look at this Picasso I have. No, this is just where nature didn’t meet up with industrial waste. I wonder where...

Rainy Sunday afternoon in #norwich


Neuschwanstein Castle - the best castle

I never knew about this castle until 1992, though I had seen it on telly many times without realising.

In 1992 I took three weeks or so holiday from work and headed off around Europe with in Interrail card in my pocket. After visiting my relatives in Holland I made my way down Europe to the heel of Italy and Brindisi. Here I took a boat to Corfu. This was a mini-literary journey to see the place where Gerald Durrell had lived, as recorded in his book 'My Family and Other Animals'. Later I followed his brother Lawrence Durrell to Egypt (see the article here).

After spending sometime in Corfu finding out that Gerald's Corfu had gone I wondered where to go next. I got out my Rough Guide to Europe and thought, I know, I'll go and look at a castle. The castle I chose was Neuschwanstein.

The journey via Munich and Augsburg to Fussen was splendid, some really fantastic scenery. Also the Oktoberfest was on in Munich. The Bavarian scenery from Augsburg to Fussen from the train…

Euromast a lifetime obsession

I have been obsessed with the Euromast in Rotterdam all of my life. I'm not sure what came first: visiting it or seeing a picture of it... or a spoon!

My grandad was from Rotterdam and when I was little he built a model of the tower by his pond. He liked to do slideshows of his photo collections and one of the slides was of the Euromast. I would also get his hand held slideviewer and look longingly at the picture of the tower

Ah, the spoon, you ask. Well, yes, he had a tourist tea spoon with the Euromast at the top. This was an old spoon as the tower was shorter without the mast above the main platform. I ended up owning this spoon when grandad died.

When I was three years old I visited the tower with my mum and dad. Dad and I went up to the ride on top with the raising platform. He took the spiral staircase, but the steps are see-through and I couldn't do it! I had to go back and use the lift inside. I think we all went on the ride to the top, not sure.

Many years later I vi…

The view from my chair


Twilight Norwich

Samsung Galaxy has quite a good camera really:

Curry Powder and Butter Jacket Potato Sir?

I was just sitting in the kitchen eating my butter and curry power jacket potato and the foreign girl comes in to get the pizzas out of the oven for her and her man and she asks me if I have any tomato sauce or mayonnaise. "Of course! Let me go to the cupboard and take out these luxury items that I was specifically not having with my potato!" I should have said.

My five blogs


My Cameras

My first camera was a funny old thing that my Granddad Tuijl found in his fish pond! He cleaned it up and found it worked. It only took black and white film. There was a screen on top that you looked down on and the image showed there. Holding the camera near your tummy. Then the shutter release was by the lens. After this you wound the film on and saw a little number in a little red perspex hole at the back for the next frame. I wish I had kept it but film was no longer made for it, though it should have been kept as a curiosity. The pictures were quite effective and stylised.

I looked into it and it was known as a Twin-lens reflex camera wiki mine wasn't quite as groovy as the picture:
After that I had a more conventional camera that was my Dad's. It was done in grey plastic with a big silver flash mirror which would kill the bulb with each flash. It was designed to do that. It did take colour pictures. Eventually film was no longer made, it had always been expensive film.


Norwich 10th May 2015 a.m.