Living with being a Tuijl minus the van

My surname is Dutch. Most people attempt to say it pronouncing the J, often if they phone me and say: "Is Mr Tweegiul there?" I know that I have a sales call. The simple answer is that in Holland they drop the J, or the J is silent. Hence Tuil or Tuyl. Most of my relatives in Holland spell their name Tuyl. This is allowed there without having to resort to deed-poll.

I was endlessly frustrated with the name when I was younger. Most people say my first name wrong so I end up as Jason Tweegiul. I don't bother to correct people any-more. I often say, it's just pronounced Tile as in roof or floor tile. Looks pretty, but is, in-fact just plain old Tile. Much like Ne-dell coming from Needle. Or Le-dell from Ladle.

I've got used to the name now and no longer think of changing it to Jason Smith or Spider Mann.

It is a bit different, as there seem to be a lot of van Tuijls but not so many Tuijls. And I can always make out it is really posh like Twasgell - accentuated with a French accent or something.

Why has an English man got a Dutch name? My grandad was Dutch, came over here after the war.

Grandad Tuijl (right) with his brother visiting
from Holland in his garden in Whittlesey, Cambs
sometime in the 1970's (taken my by uncle Con Tuijl)