Living on a boat 2

Further to my first living on a boat blog entry. I have found out what the boat I like is. I knew I wanted a sea going cabin cruiser but I don't like the ones that have canvas covering the whole cabin area. Canvas on the back maybe but the roof needs to be ridgid. The first picture shows the first boat I saw in the style I like. This was taken from the A47 flyover as I was cycling to Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich the back way. It was so windy on the flyover I nearly had the phone blown out of my hand!

This next picture is taken with my propper camera at a boat yard on the other side of Whitlingham:

Lady Louise
The one next to the Lady Louise
Here is an article on boat living in London:

To quote the costs:

• Mooring: varies; £2,000 plus in London
• Insurance: £200
• Boat licence: up to £1,100
• Boat safety certificate: £150
Fuel, maintenance and pumping out: £100-£200 a year
Estimates from the Canal & River Trust

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