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My stereo in June 2015

My Stereo(s) (Hi-fi) The rise and fall and rise again. A History of my stereo endeavours.

Part 3 - June 2015

Part 1 | Part 2 | My stereo in June 2015

My laptop Dell Latitude D830 mentioned in the 2013 update is my stereo now, also mentioned in my computers post

I am using the Logitech 5.1 Surround Speakers (with the centre channel speaker disconnected) plugged into the M Audio Fast Track Pro, plugged into the laptop running itunes. Quadrophonic sound! I have a windows 7 remote control. The laptop sits on a Belkin tray for cooling.

Music wise there is 80 gigs in the itunes library 9000 songs. I have my DJ music too but that is huge and not in the itunes library. 

Dell D830 and M Audio Fast Track Pro
Logitech X-540

I still have the Sennheiser HD530 II headphones and bought new earpads from this was my specification with the headphones when I bought them, that I could replace parts. I'd had a string of expensive Pioneer headphones until that point that fell apart in a year. True to the salesman's word back in '94 the Sennheiser's have really lasted. I love their sound quality and over the years that sound quality had improved and improved. With the new parts they look like they did in 1994. My longest surviving stereo component!

Sennheiser HD530 II headphones



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My Stereo(s) (Hi-fi) The rise and fall and rise again. A History of my stereo endeavours.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | My stereo in June 2015

This is no boast but I love my stereo. Having a good stereo is the centre of my life and my only essential possession for someone who is not really into possessions.

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I started my stereo life with a radio my Grandad gave me. Then I got my Dad's old setup (record deck and Sinclair System 2000 compact amp) which I added another one of my Grandads radio's to.

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Now I have a 24" monitor on my laptop I find that the £5 keyboard is really not up to it. Hence the Dell KB522 Wired Business Multimedia Keyboard. Very nice. I have started my degree in Creative and Professional Wiring this year and think I have a lot of typing ahead, hence the keyboard. It was only once I got this I realised how hard I had to hit the keys on the old one, as first of all with this one it hurt I was hitting them so hard. Pretty much sorted on the computer front now. I bought Dell hoping for longevity from this item. I don't like to buy new stuff all the time from an environmental standpoint.

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