Reedham and Weep

10th of June 2015 - My journey from across the Norfolk Broads - Norwich to Reedham (on road) and on to Great Yarmouth (off road) "Inspirational Cycling" for my extended writing for my access course.

On the 8th I had cycled to Buckenham Marshes and the road works coming out of Norwich had made it a nightmare. It was better on the 10th but still stressful. Added to that my GPS kept telling me to turn back all the way to Cantley and join the A47. I also thought I had on the wrong coat, there was a biting North wind and I had put on my thick coat, and it was a little too warm.

Huge sky over the Norfolk countryside

My GPS wants me to turn around again

The GPS wants me to go up there, back to the A47

My GPS: turn back!!
I love my GPS but unfortunately it is better for hiking and as the crow flies stuff. As a road GPS it things you are in a car and should join the dual carriageway and any opportunity.

The Cantley Cock
I had cycled to Reedham many times and ingnored the GPS, it was only at the Cantley Cock that it came back on my side.

A view worthy of a painting

Reedham and Weep
I expected to get a coffee in Reedham, but everything was shut.


Marsh this way

The Burney Arms is shut and is more like 5 miles

There it is, the Wherryman's Way

Preserved pumping by the national lottery
There are owls nesting in the chimney 

This pump is more powerful than all the mills put together. It has a robot to take the rubbish out and stop it blocking up. Beyond the pump, sheep, there are a lot of sheep, and a lot of sheep poo!

Ye old mill

Restored by the National Lottery gamblers. There was an info board with the old miller on it, ghosts of the past abound

It must have been miserable to live there, but I suspect there may have been more trees in the old days.

Burgh Castle in the distance
Across the river is the Roman castle Burgh Castle. I never understand why they built it there until I saw it from the river(s) the Wensum and the Yare join at the dredger.



Robot ditch cleaner. Swallows were nesting here.

Suddenly the gates were like this and not normal gates. I had to life my bike over them all. I was already shattered. There are a lot of gates.

The coat was a good move, though it doesn't look it there was a biting wind, I chose the right coat! Also there are no pubs. From Norwich to Reedham on the Wherryman's way it is endless pubs. The only pub Reedham to Yarmouth is shut, looking for an new owner.

Damn you!
Looking back the way I had come.

Yarmouth comes closer. I feel like David Copperfield (Dickenses one not the magician)

Goodbye marsh

Hello glittering Great Yarmouth
 This was a great journey. It took 5 hours from Norwich to Yarmouth, the GPS said I had travelled 25 miles. So worth doing. Hard work on a bike. After this I had a coffee and an ice cream and then headed back on the train, did it in less than half an hour.