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My top playlist

Ok, I bought an ipod once and have been cursed with itunes ever since for my music collection. Today, again, itunes decided to reset everything and delete my playlists. This is annoying, especially if one is daft enough, like me, to DJ from my playlists.

For the record the ipod was flawed and lacked a decent bass output, which in the end drove me to distraction and joined the landfill que at ebay.

I have a profile so my record of highest plays is in the web, however, I thought it was time to write down my hallowed tracks; my desert island discs, as the playlist that is most annoying to lose each time is my list of favourite tracks. The first three are my top three, the rest are in no order.

Rhythm on the Loose - Break of Dawn
Matt Monro - On days like these
Richard H. Kirk - Freezone

Elcho - Stop the world
Outrage - That piano track
Luvdup - Jiggery Pokery
a-ha - Foot of the mountain
A Man Called Adam - Estelle
Les Reed - Girl on a Motorcycle
Walter Stott - When Eight Bells Toll
Chantal Kreviazuk - Leaving on a jet plane
Gary Numan - I Die You Die [Alternative Version]
Sub Sub - Space Face

Actually, I have reached this point and realise this is a bigger job than I thought, curse you itunes! I shall update this list as I update my playlist. I shall probably explain why the tracks mean to me what they do, in the style of Nick Hornby.


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