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Biggles (and me)

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Who is Biggles?
Biggles is a fictional pilot from the pen of Captain W.E. (William Earl) Johns who wrote around 98 books which featured Biggles, full name: James Bigglesworth. They are children's books from the 1st world war through to the late 60's when W.E. died. He was the editor of the magazine popular flying and also wrote several other books. Biggles struts around the world in air planes solving things and being an action hero with pals Algy, Ginger and Bertie.

My favourite Biggles books in order

1. Biggles in the Baltic
My number 1 favourite.. this was such a great ripping yarn about a base on a small island in the Baltic where Biggles and his chums started daring missions into Germany. As a kid it really had me involved.
2. Biggles Takes Charge
This book is so dark and has a great intro, W.E.Johns seems very inspired. What I liked most is that Algy, Biggles 2nd in command takes the lead for the first part of the book.
3. Biggles Charter Pilot
Probably a very terrible book, but it was one of the first I read and I liked the 'psychedelic' feel to it. The chaps even discovering Dodo's are still alive! Having said that, and even though it was a favourite, I have not read it for years.

Why did I like Biggles books?
I am dyslexic and had a lot of trouble reading early on. The first books to inspire me to read were some dreadful series of pirate books; but Biggles books really got me going. I loved flying boat and amphibian air planes which Biggles often flies; I loved all that British pilot 'old chap' stuff; and I loved tales of exotic places around the world. So despite inspiring me to read I can honestly say that Biggles books inspired my desire to travel.

Please see my Biggles Fan Fictions

What good did it do?
Biggles was an upstanding chap and stuck to rigid morals of fair play, even though I guess that was my personality anyway to do like to think that he inspired me to be a good all round chap!

My books.
I had all the Biggles books but then in 2005 I sold them all, feeling that re-reading them all the time was a waste of life. Then in 2014 I was writing a novel and had a grammar issue. I then read the one Biggles book I had, Biggles in the Baltic and realised how good the grammar was. Through my Biggles Forum I was offered a few books including Gimlet, Worrals and the Space books. My plan is not to have any of the books with any real value in order not to be tempted to sell them again.

(Check out my: Biggles Forum

Biggles Forum
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