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Jack Change card game

Jack Change card game rules

A family favourite card game

This card game was taught to me by a family friend who we met through our Devon Rex cats. Her name was Lady Sinclair. I am never sure if this was her own made up game, a hybrid of another game. All I know is my family have now played it for years. It is such a good card game as it is very simple and quick, although some games can run through a whole pack.

To loose all cards
2 upwards
7 cards each

Control Cards
Ace - change current suit, block a 2
Jack - same as ace
Two - make next player pickup 2 cards
Eight - block a Two (only in a suit matching the Two)

The pack is placed in a pile face down with one card facing up next to it (not a control card). This card determines the suit to be played in. If the card is for example a five of hearts the player can play a five of any suit or a heart. Also if the player cannot take a turn they must pickup one card from the pack or put down a Jack or Ace to change to suit.

If a two is put down the other player must pickup 2 cards from the pack and miss a turn. However the 2 may be blocked by: putting down another 2 (this makes the other player pickup four... and on in trun to 8 if they have enough cards) putting down an Ace or Jack, or playing a 8 in the same suit as the played 2. Eights can otherwise be played as normal cards.

On holding one final card a player must knock on the table. If they fail to do this when the next player has played they must pickup a card from the pack. The winner is the player to loose all their cards first.

Similar Games
John McLoad tells be that is is similar to:
Black jack, or Switch, a British version of Crazy Eights

John McLeod's CARD GAMES web site
Another favouite card game: sh**head


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