Samsung 24" monitor on HDMI laptop

My 15" widescreen on my laptop was fine until I wanted to view A3 pages on it. This was needed when getting Read and Write to read pages out to me. At that point, at University, I was struggling. I researched it and found out you can plug almost anything in the HDMI port. My new laptop has only a HDMI out.

The new monitor is a Samsung S24D300HS 24 inch LED HDMI Monitor which was £100 from Amazon. I'm not one to buy much new stuff these days but I expect to have this monitor until it dies, or I do. It has made so much difference to my working and studying environment, I haven't viewed the laptop screen for weeks, but at least I know it is there if I need to go portable. Even 20/21 inch monitors seem tiny now. Also, I hope, that the modern monitor is being fugal in the electric.

Through student loans and as I have dyslexia I was given some free goodies to help me. This included an external USB keyboard and mouse, which I found out are worth £5 each, but I am using them right now, so they can't be that bad.

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