London International Animation Festival at the UEL

Today I attended the London International Animation Festival at the University of East London

Barry Purves

Luc Chamberland speaking about storyboarding

Robert Bradbrook talking about storytelling
Barry Purves showed us some of his own work and a lot about puppets and the ideas behind animation, very inspiring. Luc Chamberland dissected the workings of the laser scene in the Goldfinger James Bond movie along with a lot about the workings of storyboard and layout... and why things are how they are. Robert Bradbrook gave an enlightening talk about storytelling, much to digest.

After this we had a lengthy session of animated short films. The best of which was the last Pombo Loves You by Directed by Steve Warne which had me leave in tears!

 Barry Purves: Structuring Animated Films


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