My Natural History Museum, V&A and Science Museum trip, Dec 2015

I've wanted to visit these for years, looks like I finally did it in Dec 2015!

Natural History Museum

My softshell pals, that I tried to save in Asia

Colin the treefrog

not a real horn, soon there won't be any real rhinos

the pod thing

yep, none of those left

dead things

a vegetarian dino

yup, humans are new here


My pals from Indonesia

The Natural History Museum

I would skate by not for £12




I taught I tore a puddy tat

Meeting Jain again

V&A paddling pool

The science Museum

The speaking clock, always wondered what she looked like

Charlie 2CV!

My first computer!

Mixin' into history


Call that a computer? Now this is a computer!

My first car!

A real mobile phone

the museum tunnel back to the tube