Deal the card - a poem by Justin Tuijl (2015)

Deal the card

Deal the card -
Of iron and blood,
Look to sparkling,
Shimmering pinpoints;
Brick thunders and howls, stark
Night, glittering towers
And flying metal, lights pulsing,
This picture: blood red,
Her heart pierced, years ago
Looks up, upwards
The heart - hard metal impaled,
Not only once, in the past;
Old abandonment, the leaving
Hangs heavy always, stagnant, still,
A card, shown, downcast,
Vain hopes, of a new life
Beyond towers, by wooden walls
See it over and over,
Like yesterday;
Now the black has come,
The grebe roosts, while wild
Wind, howling battering blanket,
Bringing abysmal cold and
Fear of the next prophecy, voices
Of indecision, of loss,
And no hope;
Steal the swords
That once pierced their hearts,
That are
Hard memory,
And with them still