Goa 2013

It seems that I took pictures of nature from the photographs, this is because I was very busy trying to make money this time. I sold leather bracelets on the flea market that I had made from recycled leather. I did paid DJ gigs. I was also webdesigning. After all this hard work in Anjuna I covered my flights and staying there and had a little more left. As a money making effort it mostly failed and was very hard work. Working in paradise, ok yes, but it's not that much fun.

Goa 1994/5/6 & 2003 - India '96 - Goa 2009 - Goa 2012 - Goa 2013

After this I went back to work with the Turtle Survival Alliance India, see the conservation section of this blog.

Bamboo Forest party - Anjuna

The above gig I played 7 hours straight: listen at mixcloud