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Post apocalypse movie from the 70s or 80s

For years I have been trying to track down a film that I saw a clip of on an old BBC show called Screen Test.

They introduced the film as "having used the most scrap from scrap yards than any other film."

It was either Australian or a New Zealand film. Post apocalyptic like Mad Max 1. In-fact for years I thought Mad Mad would be the film, but it wasn't.

They showed one scene from the film which the contestants answered questions on.

The scene: A six wheel truck drives up to the camera. It looks like a Mad Max truck. There are at least two people in the truck, a man sits close to us with a woman next to him. He looks through binoculars (sci-fi bins). He sees a long trailer thing on rails and it has sails. Then this land ship is attacked by bandits on motorbikes or something. The sails fall and people run about panicking. Then we cut back to the truck and it drives away.

The film is not Battletruck or Damnation Alley. The truck I think had six wheels, but I could be wrong. Not evenly spaced wheels, with the second wheels set back. A gun slung at the back, like a chain gun. It was futuristic like and pointy like a Lambo, not a square truck. In black or dark grey.

Like this but with another set of wheels at the back and painted dark:

pic from here:

It probably wasn't a very good film and has dropped below the radar of obscurity. Anyone who could help ID this film for me would be greatly appreciated.

You can see how obsessed I am as still making models of it in lego:

Bad drawing of what I remember:
Discussion on this very topic:

I've been watching some awful movies on youtube to try and find this, and I can say it is not:

The New Barbarians

Warriors Of The Wasteland

Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn

Galaxy of Terror

Raiders of the Sun

Wheels of Fire

From my question on stack exchange I was given the answer as to what film it is:

"Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone"

See more here:




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