RAF Museum Hendon, London

I have wanted to go to Hendon RAF museum for so many years it is stupid. Today I finally got there. Initially disappointed as many years ago I stumbled across the Holy Grail: RAF Cosford, which is the overspill of Hendon and with a much greater number of aircraft. Also after many years of visiting Duxford I found Hendon quite a contrast. No airfield, no runways, just some old hangers. However there are some rather exciting things inside those hangers and they actually have done a good job of it in there.
Nothing on today then, not a good start!

sycamore helicopter - not the best name!

Biggles flies again!

Wooden flying boat

bristol beaufighter

I've done lifeboat training - not a nice place to be

English Electric Lightning - my favourite aircraft

Been in one of these

Big Wing


Mr C.

My second favourite aircraft

Inside the Sunderland

Biggles flies again again


Beats plastic kits on string

Think about it

barnes wallis study




  1. Wow, this is splendid, VZ. Looks like you had a marvelous time.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Justin, thank you.


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