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My Favourite Films

Nostalgia (Andrei Tarkovsky)
Betty Blue (the directors cut)
Sheltering Sky
Where Eagles Dare
Girl on a Motorcycle
When Eight Bells Toll
The Riddle of the Sands
Quigley Down Under

I like 60's movies, strangely especially almost anything made in 1968

Though not a film I have to add Blakes 7, as the 4 series add to more than a film.

I would say the first 3 films are my absolute tops, but they are all super. Where Eagles Dare is my most watched film for sure. Some are for easy watches and others are massive tear jurkers.

Nostalgia, I love everything by Tarkovsky, but Nostalgia was the first I saw and I regard it as my favourite film. It is visual poetry: pretty, hard, happy, sad. And, amazing. I have only watched it about 3 times.

Betty Blue I have only watched twice, and the first time I was flicking between stations. The directors cut is about 3 hours long and I watched it in full but nearly died crying after. Never had the courage to watch it again. Though I read the book after. …

Will you will sing about me

Feeda - a prose poem by Justin Tuijl (2015)

Real Racing Rip Off

So sick of Real Racing 3, every section is designed to make you buy a car to complete it, some of the cars are like £40.
For the record, I deleted the app for good today. I spent a lot of time playing the game, but probably spent far too much real money on it. Other games have come close or further, like Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have had most versions and a lot of add ons for that, but this difference with Flight Sim: it was mostly enjoyable. Real Racing is not enjoyable enough to justify the cost. I won the Lamborghini Contach on this game but once you have completed the section for it there is no real need to drive the car again. Also, but for speed, there feels little difference to each car. Add to that playing on a tablet... which is far from realistic.

Deep Water a poem by Justin Tuijl 2016