London Classic Car Show at Excel

I treated myself to a ticket for the London Classic Car Show at the Excel exhibition centre. Quite expensive for a student but it was worth it and only 3 stops away from me on the Docklands Light Railway!

Actually had a thoroughly good time and was there from 9:30 to 5!! Didn't see that coming.

Totally drop dead gorgeous - Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Jensen Button... opps.. Jensen Interceptor

Really gawwwguuus

Mini Metro... no wait, Metro Rally Turbo! hot stuff

205 Rally Turbo... actually a very large car indeed

Escort RS200

Lamborghini Contach anniversary - not a fan, but it looks nicer in real

The actual Italian Job Lamborghini Miura - just so sexy

Formula 1 classic!


Lamborghini Countach "periscopo" LP400 - beautiful the car, much more beautiful in real life than in a photo

Lamborghini Miura - also beautiful 

Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole - beautiful but not as much as the LP400
it's like a pumped up cartoon version of the LP400

A very fast Volkswagen! - the Bugatti Veyron

Aston Martin Lagonda - hideous


Renault 5 Turbo - yes, I still would

Citroen 2CV but a faked Yellow and Black Charleston look

12k for a fake!!
(if not fake then the paintjob is not correctly done)

Classic Formula 1

The name's Bond - the actual 007 Lotus Esprit

Can't get enough!!



London Classic Car Show & race track

Inside the Escort RS200 - very like my old Fiesta XR2!


JPS Lotus - a real Formula 1 car!

Just epic!!! Fandango style!

Escort RS200 - so ugly underneath!

Call that a tailfin? Now this is a tailfin!

On the move

Yeeeeeeeeehhhaaaarrrrrrrrr!!! Dodge Charger

The roundabout

Fast pass. On days like these...

Peeeowwww!! I wonder what...

Became of you...

Graham Hill's actual Lotus - fast

That Lotus - parked up

Now with added Jodie Kidd

The Lagonda - I think the designers pen slipped at the front

Typical Alfa - broken down

Toy bus - corgi bus

The Lamborghini Diablo - not pretty

Sing the theme tune - the actual Minder Ford Capri


Porsche GT3 - I like the GT2 though

Very big - Mercedes-Benz 600

Intake - Alfa Romeo Montreal

Vincent Black Shadow

Danger Mouse

Ooooooooo, just one more pic

A shame many of the cars don't drive there unaided

The only classic in the car park a Ferrari & not the Magnum one


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