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Showing posts from March, 2016

When you read this after I’m dead, a poem by Justin Tuijl (2016)

A 10 mile slouch from one side of the Thames Barrier to the other

On Sunday I took a walk to the UEL library, then I thought: "Oh why not?" and walked to the Thames Barrier Park for a sit in the cafe and a coffee. Then walking around the park I looked at the other side of the barrier and thought: "Oh why not?" and walked to the otherside! Google maps seems to think I flew over, but it wasn't that easy! 10 miles not easy. In the deffence of Google maps I have realised keeping the GPS on will give a good route record. From now on I know what to do.

Out with Lord Dark Helmet - a short London cycle

What started as a short cycle ended up as quite a journey. From the UEL to Trinity Buoy Wharf then along the Lea River. After this I cut back along the Greenway back to Beckton. Shattered!