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About this blog

First of all, this isn't a blog, it's my old personal website reposed.

My main website was at and for many years, 1998 to 2013 with more than 100 pages and thousands of visits.

I no longer saw the point in it so I moved parts of it to this blogger site which I had had for many years. I decided that I may as well keep some parts of the old site alive here. The old site had an awful lot of traffic over the years. This blog will stay here for as long as google carry on hosting it and I shall work on it for sometime. Now that I don't have the costs of a website I don't need to worry about affording the hosting.

I am adding random musings and parts of my old personal website back to this blogger over time. Please come back soon, as there will certainly be more to see!

I did have five blogs on different subjects but am slowly combining them into this one. I did have some links between the two which I am slowly sorting out (correcting!)

This blog is actually older than 2013, but I killed the older posts.