Bitten by the Goa bug - hippies, parties & techno in India

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Goa 1994/5/6 & 2003 - India '96 - Goa 2009 - Goa 2012 - Goa 2013

I went to Goa in 1994 (and 95) and never came back (even though I returned home soon after) Goa is the best place on the planet, a few people have asked me what was there to do in Anjuna in 1994? The answer is: chill out!

One article in Mixmag (uk dance music magazine) changed my life. It was about places to go around in the world for a good party, and I liked the sound of Anjuna beach. Once I had been there for a year my life was never the same. Ever since I have dreamt of being back there...

Anjuna Beach (Shore Bar to left) '94

The first two times I spent one year in India, six months each time over christmas and new year in 1994 & 1995. Going to Goa for two weeks it a waste of time. It is (was) a myth about constant techno parties, there are usually one or two a week, even if the police allow them at all.
Being in Goa is the whole experience: culture, chilling, parties, beach, India. Back then it was quiet and relaxed.

A Techno Party, Anjuna '95
(party in far background)

Returning in 2003 for two weeks: The Orange Boom and German Bakery are still cool. Anjuna is a much more busy but not so much changed. The Shore Bar is now a restaurant, not a techno bar and the Nine Bar in Vagator is the event until 10pm then is is over to the Primrose until there is word of a party. Oh and the Rose Garden Restaurant has shut down, they still provide B&B but that is it. I hated returning for only two weeks, it is rather too busy now and I am not sure how nice a long stay would be.

South Anjuna 2003 After this I returned in 2008/11/12/13.

Postcard Stuff...
Pictures of Anjuna beach, Baga, some cows, Enfield India, sunsets and other things Indian

Baga Beach

Anjuna Beach from the hill

Cows like the beach too, Anjuna

Anjuna hill at dusk

Watch the sunset from the
Shore Bar

The Orange Boom, Anjuna:
best fruit salad on the planet!

Enfield India = fun
see: Enfield Motorbike Page

A VW... man

Calangute (petrol station!)

I spy an elephant
outsitde my door

Hot cat

From the toliet window, a pig outside,
any ideas why?
It's a pig toilet, where they clear
away the waste for you.

Nani's and Rani's
Restaurant Baga
Bunch of Hippies...
Some pictures of the hippy types I met in Goa. Also some Indian fiends including the owner of the Rose Garden Restaurant

Indian band+Rayme: wicked gig at The Rose Garden Restaurant (!)
Rayme sitting about with John the owner

Serious sitting about
Michelle: girl who did my tattoo, at Rose Garden

Michelle Edge, in her 'studio'
see: My Tattoo page

Rayme+Linda: get your tongue pierced in India

Ricky+Scarf: do the hippy thing
Marion+Werner: chill forever at the Rose Garden

The tattoo that Michelle put on me
see: My Tattoo page

Indian friends: Francis & Rosie (me to right)

2003 South Anjuna Beach

1994 Anjuna beach near the old Shore Bar

Anjuna Beach - from the south hill

South Anjuna Beach hill at sunset

Baga Beach 1994

Calangute (petrol station!) 1994

John (right) owner of the Rose Garden

Michelle Edge who did my tattoo

Nani's and Rani's Baga

Orange Boom


  1. man, it brings me back to the years there..still miss it, 1994-1996 thanks