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Contiki Coach Tour 1990

3 week holiday travelling around Europe in a bus 18 to 35 year olds

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So there I was a Limey on a Ozzy coach tour. And it was a very good time.

"If you miss the bus: you are having a good time!"
Bus Song: The Monkeys, Daydream Believer

In 1990 I used to work with an Australian called Rob. He had been on a Contiki tour and highly recommended it to me, but until I stepped onto the bus I had no idea that I was going to be the only Limey along! But hey the Ozzys, Kiwis and South Africans were up for a good time so I had no worries there.

We sailed to Belgium first over a very choppy sea. Here the tour combined to make a full bus; the other half had already seen the delights of Amsterdam.

During his speech introducing the tour George, the tour guide, told us that if we were not there for the bus he would leave us behind, assuming that we were 'having a good time'. Of course the tour saying became 'if you miss the bus you're having a good time'. He also playied the Monkies every day we setoff in the coach.

There was only one blight on the tour when one of the girls was knocked over by a car in Florence. Watch those mad italian drivers, they are lunatics. She had a few superficial injuries and rejoined us a few days later (girl in 'bear behind' pic, with the 'bear behind' on the photo's page).

The rest of the tour was a great time of partying and seeing Europe, never to be forgotten.

Contiki "European Experience" included: France (Paris, Fontainbleau, Beaujolais, French Riviera, Monaco), Italy (Pisa, Florence, Rome, Venice), Germany (Munich, Heidelberg, Rhine Valley), Belgium, Switzerland (Lucerne, Jungfrau), Austria, Holland, Liechtenstein.

Page 1 intro - Page 2 travelogue - Page 3 photos


  1. I was on a different tour in 1990 (Jan) but I have photos on many of the exact sites (especially on the Florentine hill).

    The fashion, the hairstyle, the bus, and the film cameras are all very emblematic of that era....Remember all the different currencies we had to juggle?

    I booked my tour in the middle of 1989 specifically to visit the Berlin Wall, but a few weeks before I got there, they tore it down!

    Still waiting for my partial refund (in Deutschmarks).