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Euromast a lifetime obsession

I have been obsessed with the Euromast in Rotterdam all of my life. I'm not sure what came first: visiting it or seeing a picture of it... or a spoon!

My grandad was from Rotterdam and when I was little he built a model of the tower by his pond. He liked to do slideshows of his photo collections and one of the slides was of the Euromast. I would also get his hand held slideviewer and look longingly at the picture of the tower

Ah, the spoon, you ask. Well, yes, he had a tourist tea spoon with the Euromast at the top. This was an old spoon as the tower was shorter without the mast above the main platform. I ended up owning this spoon when grandad died.

When I was three years old I visited the tower with my mum and dad. Dad and I went up to the ride on top with the raising platform. He took the spiral staircase, but the steps are see-through and I couldn't do it! I had to go back and use the lift inside. I think we all went on the ride to the top, not sure.

Many years later I visited the tower on my own and took the same spiral steps, they gave me the very same vertigo as you look down through the steps to the dock far below!

I am that obsessed with the mast that I put it in my novel Burning Wolfhound.

I know that over the years the Euromast looks less futuristic than it did in 1960, but when I was a kid, and for some years, it was such futuristic looking tower, and I think it is still extremely beautiful, for a tower.


Official site - shows some pics of it being built

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