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Contiki Coach Tour of Europe 1990 - the photos

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3 week holiday travelling around Europe in a bus 18 to 35 year olds

I took so many photos on this trip, about 180, but lost most of them!

A bear behind (think about it!)

The white water rafters! Austria

Taking a group shot of the
group shooters before
the Eiffel tower, France
George: our tour guide,
looking worried. Venice

Piza - and yes it does

Macca our driver cleaning
his bus: with his whiskers! Italy


Monaco outside a casino. France

A Rhine beer party(!) Black Forest - Germany

Vatican City in Rome

Windmill + tourists. Holland

Beaujolais wine tasting. France
Page 1 intro - Page 2 travelogue - Page 3 photos


  1. Even money says I was on his tour but it has been over 25 years, I remember the rout and George and some of the tour members look familiar but can't say for sure. That said these Contiki tours (I took a couple) were a total blast.