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Part 2 - after the Pioneer

My Stereo(s) (Hi-fi) The rise and fall and rise again. A History of my stereo endeavours.

Part 2 - after the Pioneer

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Creative Zen

Creative Zen Vision M 30gig was my new stereo for a bit. The sound quality was superb and with higher quality mp3 you would not know the difference. My whole cd collection fited on it and more. Now I could take my stereo where I wanted: in the car, at home at the office. I still have my Sennheiser headphones which I use with the Zen. Only problem is the harddisk was too small.

Apple ipod classic 2009

On 25 Feb 2009 my Zen departed to a new owner. Sold on Ebay for £72. I resisted for so long but I now have a Apple ipod Classic 120gb (black). The Zen HD was full for a long time. In comes the Apple for £170. Sound quality is good and will be a long time before I fill up the HD. I thought about a Microsoft Zune 120gb but they just don't seem to get the support over in the UK. I do miss the FM radio of the Zen but it is not essential, especially as it won't be long until they switch off analogue FM. I do find that the ipod lacks bass with some recordings and I don't think the sound quality is as good as the Zen. I plug it into my stereo or listen to it on the Sennheiser's. It does sound better through a dock.

My stereo options 2012:

Cambridge Audio amp and some floorstanding speakers which I plug the ipod into through a dock. I think I get better quality sound with this budget setup than I did with the expensive Pioneer setup. It was from Second Sounds, a bargain. I am very very happy with this current setup.

Interconnect: CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AUD100 1M £9.99
Speaker cable: CAMBRIDGE AUDIO SYMPHONY 200 £1.49 a meter, got 6 meters
Amp: CAMBRIDGE AUDIO A1 VERSION 3 (25watt) £69.95
Speakers: Q ACOUSTICS 1030i (100watt) £139.95

Desktop computer: Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme soundcard and Logitech 5.1 Surround Speakers.

Laptop (when travelling) with scratchy internal speakers.

Me and my music at this time:

Crazy really, I have the most music I have ever had but not the quality I used to have. It's probably that way with a lot of people in this day and age. Don't misunderstand me. I love music and I do miss the quality I had with the old Pioneer. The best times were listening to it through the headphones as the detail from CD was fantastic. But now when I am travelling or so forth just having music to listen to at all over the dreadful tinny speakers of the laptop is a blessing! And the fact that I have 60gigs worth of variety even though it is at the reduced quality of mp3 is just a godsend. Yes I know I have lost detail in the music but the fact that I have not lost music altogether is the real joy. I always hope that one day I will experience the quality again.

2013 update. I have found that really there is not enough bass with the ipod and sold it, I can't live with the light bass it produced. Now I use my laptop plugged into my pro M audio soundcard (that I use to play gigs with) which is plugged in instead of the ipod.

Feb 2015 update. Q Acoustics: sold £70 and the Cambridge Audio amp is for sale.
April 2015 update. Cambridge Audio Amp sold for £30.

ipod classic 120gb

Creative Zen 30gb


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