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Samsung 24" monitor on HDMI laptop

My 15" widescreen on my laptop was fine until I wanted to view A3 pages on it. This was needed when getting Read and Write to read pages out to me. At that point, at University, I was struggling. I researched it and found out you can plug almost anything in the HDMI port. My new laptop has only a HDMI out.

The new monitor is a Samsung S24D300HS 24 inch LED HDMI Monitor which was £100 from Amazon. I'm not one to buy much new stuff these days but I expect to have this monitor until it dies, or I do. It has made so much difference to my working and studying environment, I haven't viewed the laptop screen for weeks, but at least I know it is there if I need to go portable. Even 20/21 inch monitors seem tiny now. Also, I hope, that the modern monitor is being fugal in the electric.

Through student loans and as I have dyslexia I was given some free goodies to help me. This included an external USB keyboard and mouse, which I found out are worth £5 each, but I am using them right now, so they can't be that bad.

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Samsung 24" monitor on hdmi laptop

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University of East London 2015

I am currently a mature student at the University of East London (Docklands Campus) studying Creative and Professional Writing class 2015-2018

Some nice pictures:


The bar

view from the library to Canary Wharf

The library

View of London City Airport

The entrance

Royal Albert Dock view

Cormorant in the Dock

Canary Wharf

View over the airport

East building

The round building is part of West Halls

View from my room in Halls

Maritime museum trip and Cutty Sark - Oct 2015

The Cutty Sark and I go way back. I went only to look at it from the outside as the main aim of my trip was to see the National Maritime Museum. However after that I was very disappointed with the Museum and decided to pay to have a proper look at the Cutty Sark. I had wanted to visit it for years. My Dutch grandad used to have a model of it and the ship, therefore, had been a part of my early years. I do remember he had several more Cutty Sark objects which meant visiting it was a connection with him. It was a very strange feeling to finally be standing on a ship I had always thought of visiting but never had actually done it. 

It was not disappointing! I always thought the glass under it was odd, but having a coffee while sitting under the ship was quite something. All the old figureheads from long dead ships is also very haunting.

Cutty Sark

National Maritime Museum

Up Nelson!

Lots of old ships

Lower deck of the Cutty Sark

Middle deck

Captains toilet

Coffee shop under the ship

lots more old ships

This used to stand where the ship is now

Just before being restored

back on the Dockland Light Railway

London MCM Comic Con at ExCeL London (Oct 2015)

The ExCeL centre is only a few stops away from me on the Docklands Light Railway so I popped into the London Comic Con

One of those cars

Colin Baker having his breakfast

Danny Jon Jules

Silvester Mccoy

Nice outfit

A part that wasn't crowded

warhammer chaos (apparently)