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Conservation 2014 update

 (originally posted on the Greenpeace website)

Back in 2010 I attended a presentation via the Norwich Greenpeace group. The man doing the presentation was Raul Nieto from Ecuador. He is a botanist who studied in New York. His talk was about the state of the rainforest in Ecuador. He told us about palm oil plantations, logging and rainforest destruction. This was new to me then. I knew about rainforest destruction but not why it was happening and the politics behind it.
Raul told us that only 8% of the rainforest in Ecuador remains. He also told us that he owns 50 hectors of it. This was the Itapoa Tropical Rainforest Reserve. At the end of the talk he said he was happy for volunteers to come and help him.

After this I tried to work out how to go. As I was working then it would have meant a very expensive trip. However in 2011 my company asked for voluntary redundancies. This was my chance.
I then spent the next three years in voluntary conservation abroad.

You can read about it here: conservation-blog-contents

I still look after the Itapoa website:

I am now back in the UK and studying on a writing access course, hoping to go to university next year for a creative and professional writing degree. To finance this I am doing webdesign.

I realised while volunteering that one person with no voice can to very little. I am going to university as I wish to learn how to write effectively in order to tell the world about conservation, rainforests and ‘saving the planet’

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