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How Burning Wolfhound - novel - began

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I was in Puetro Lopez, Ecuador for 2 weeks working at the hostel owned by Raul, the man who has the rainforest project I volunteered at for 3 months.

It worked out that a German girl, another volunteer, and I were expected to run the hostel alone. Her and I fell out straight away. The way the hostel is laid out is that the main buildings are at the back and there is a cafe at the front, overlooking the sea.

So I hid in the cafe, away from her. I would sit there reading action novels from the bookcase and drinking coffee (made from the coffee we harvested at the rainforest project).

While I sat there I would look out over the sea. For a bit there was an Ecuador Navy ship out there... suspiciously like a certain Wolfhound (the ship in the novel). I had daydreams about living on it.

Therefore, the mix of that ship, the action novels and my desire to escape were the genesis of the novel!

Subsequently the novel was written during my saving the planet time. I did a lot of work on it back in the Ecuador jungle (where I was on my own for three weeks, and sooo bored) then in darkest India and Indonesia.

The Blakeney sections were written due to feeling homesick!

This is the cafe I sat in:

This is the view (with ship):

This is the house in the jungle, where I started writing the novel:

If anyone is interested I have re-published my conservation blog 

A further interest that helped was the gun boat in Norwich

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