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India 2013 - Work with Turtle Survival Alliance India again

India 2013 - Work with Turtle Survival Alliance India again

Then to head off and work for the Turtle Survival Alliance as a volunteer again. My main contact there Shashwat advised me that he was up at Garhaita and the headstart facility there for captive breeding of freshwater turtles. The village of Garhaita is 15k from Udi Mode, which is a further 5k from Etawah. About 4 hours bay fast train from Delhi.

I headed down there after 2 months in Goa. It had been a reasonably profitable time. From the overnight train I took a bus at Kota to Shivpuri. Here I spent the night. Then to Bhind via Gwalior. From Bhind to Udi Mode. All the time the landscape got more and more rural and my lack of Hindi more and more obvoius. In Udi Mode Shashwat was waiting for me.

In the village I was shown the facility, met the staff and the captive turtles. The next couple of days involved clearing, organsising and tidying the office. Interspersed with feeding turtles. The kitchen needed sorting out and we built and stocked it. Once these admin tasks were sorted out we repaired filtration unit which is needed to circulate the water in the breeding pens. At the end of my time we were preparing for a survey: shopping for hardware and setting up equipment. Unfortunately I was unable to go on the survey was my flight had already been booked.

Photos note: the road to Garhaita was taken by me but the Garhaita album was by Gretchen Lang

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