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Justin Tuijl musician the 31 albums

Justin Tuijl and the 30 unmastered albums

I have been making music for a long time, of varying quality!

When young I was obsessed with making music anyway I could. The peak was when I got hold of my grandmothers organ/piano, then I would make dreadful noises with it, according to her.

I always got computers to beep but finally with the Commodore Amiga I was able to make it beep and sound a bit more like a song.

Most of my music is hit or miss, I am always experimenting electronically and some of it is almost unlike music. However some of my output isn't so bad, though all of it could do the mastering properly. My Starship Anjuna album Psyship was the only one I had commercial interest in and was signed to a record deal, they mastered it for me and the results were fantastic.

After the first Amiga tracks I moved onto the PC, a keyboard (Yamaha DJX) and the Playstation! Then I used drag and drop packages like ejay and on the Playstation, Music and Fluid. The first 5 albums were made roughly from 1990 to 2008 and the reason they are all 90mins is that they were all on 90 minute tape! All were lost, and not transferred to digital media.

Gradually things moved on, my favourite software was Arturia Storm.

After Storm was finally unusable as they didn't update it for Windows after XP I moved on to Ableton Live. Starship Anjuna was all made with Ableton.

Since 2012 I've not made any music as have been concentrating on DJ mixing. I currently have hardware issues in that my M-Audio Fast Track Pro soundcard does not work with my new laptop. My old laptop is quite capable, there is no excuse really!

Update: the soundcard issues were solved with Windows 10. However the internal audio on the HP laptop does not record, a piracy thing implemented by some manufacturers under pressure from the record companies, however this basically means I can't record my mixes or make my music like I used to flying by the seat of my pants!

Please see my album list where you can download a lot for free

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