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Embracing your inner lego

Xmas present so myself, 45 and playing with lego #midlifecrisis?

Never too old to play lego:

My new laptop
My brain hurts
Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast
Re-styled front #battletruck

My past games software

Here is a list of games software that has been significant to my gaming over the years:

Apple 2

Chop Lifter
Wilderness Campain
Trolls Gold

You can try some of the software here:


F15 Strike Eagle
Atic Atac
Manic Minor
Hungry Horace


Civilisation 1, 2
Sim City 2000
Settlers 1


Roller Coaster Tycoon 1, 2
Sims 2, 3
Civilisation 2,3,4
Sim City 2000
Sim City 3000
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

PS1, 2

Gran Turismo 1,2,3,4
Medieval 1 & 2
Spyro the Dragon 1, 2, 3, 4...
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Toca 2 Touring Cars
Fluid (not really a game)


Real Racing 3

I did waste a lot of my life playing games. The above listing is only the significant stuff as there were just so many.

Favourites are:

Apple: Chop Lifter
I just used to adore flying a helecopter, even if it was with paddles on the Apple 2, spent hours being killed on this game.

Spectrum: Jetpac
Who doesn't want to have a Jetpac? I totally got into this as a kid, even dreaming of flying my Jetpac with recuring dreams of it.

Amiga: Civilisation
God game extreme, ruin the planet through time!

PC: Roller Coaster Tycoon
Hooked is the only word to descibe how I was with this game. Sooo many hours in theme park land have been lost. Once I played it solidly for a day and went out to find myself in roller coaster land as a little person running about.

PS: Medieval
I adore this game. Such a clever game indeed. Spyro 1 is close but this one is better, a joy to play with an amazing replay value.

My gaming is very little right now, more out of boredom with them than anything else. I got bored of Real Racing 3 and have the Sims 3 but very bored of it and don't look at it. Always open to suggestions for a game worth playing though.

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My computers a history

My new laptop

Samsung 24" monitor on hdmi laptop

New Dell Keyboard 

My favourite games

Gooood morning #London

Gooood morning

Hunting pirates at the Royal Albert Dock

There is a ship out there, looks like pirates, I went to talk to them... but had a Thames adventure instead...

I noticed this ship had appeared opposite me at the Royal Albert Dock and decided to go and ask them if they were living there (due to my living on a boat desires):


Damn, past closing time

Can't get to the pirate ship

There's no place like home!


My dear Mr. Bond

Pretty tug

The boat freaks me out the more I look at it

Fire Engine 1 ready for take off, over....

Fire Engine 1 ready for take off, over....

London International Animation Festival at the UEL

Today I attended the London International Animation Festival at the University of East London

Barry Purves

Luc Chamberland speaking about storyboarding

Robert Bradbrook talking about storytelling
Barry Purves showed us some of his own work and a lot about puppets and the ideas behind animation, very inspiring. Luc Chamberland dissected the workings of the laser scene in the Goldfinger James Bond movie along with a lot about the workings of storyboard and layout... and why things are how they are. Robert Bradbrook gave an enlightening talk about storytelling, much to digest.

After this we had a lengthy session of animated short films. The best of which was the last Pombo Loves You by Directed by Steve Warne which had me leave in tears!

 Barry Purves: Structuring Animated Films

Xmas Dark Cutty Sark

Xmas Dark Cutty Sark

The traffic today

Today the traffic (to my blog) is mostly: UK, USA and Russia. Hello all!

Dell KB522 Wired Business Multimedia Keyboard

New Dell Keyboard
Now I have a 24" monitor on my laptop I find that the £5 keyboard is really not up to it. Hence the Dell KB522 Wired Business Multimedia Keyboard. Very nice. I have started my degree in Creative and Professional Wiring this year and think I have a lot of typing ahead, hence the keyboard. It was only once I got this I realised how hard I had to hit the keys on the old one, as first of all with this one it hurt I was hitting them so hard. Pretty much sorted on the computer front now. I bought Dell hoping for longevity from this item. I don't like to buy new stuff all the time from an environmental standpoint.

See also:

My computers a history

My new laptop

Samsung 24" monitor on hdmi laptop

New Dell Keyboard 

My favourite games

My Natural History Museum, V&A and Science Museum trip, Dec 2015

I've wanted to visit these for years, looks like I finally did it in Dec 2015!

Natural History Museum

My softshell pals, that I tried to save in Asia

Colin the treefrog

not a real horn, soon there won't be any real rhinos

the pod thing

yep, none of those left

dead things

a vegetarian dino

yup, humans are new here


My pals from Indonesia

The Natural History Museum

I would skate by not for £12




I taught I tore a puddy tat

Meeting Jain again

V&A paddling pool

The science Museum

The speaking clock, always wondered what she looked like

Charlie 2CV!

My first computer!

Mixin' into history


Call that a computer? Now this is a computer!

My first car!

A real mobile phone

the museum tunnel back to the tube