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Goa 2013

It seems that I took pictures of nature from the photographs, this is because I was very busy trying to make money this time. I sold leather bracelets on the flea market that I had made from recycled leather. I did paid DJ gigs. I was also webdesigning. After all this hard work in Anjuna I covered my flights and staying there and had a little more left. As a money making effort it mostly failed and was very hard work. Working in paradise, ok yes, but it's not that much fun.

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After this I went back to work with the Turtle Survival Alliance India, see the conservation section of this blog.

Bamboo Forest party - Anjuna

The above gig I played 7 hours straight: listen at mixcloud

Trinity Buoy Wharf and East India - slouch

Trinity Buoy Wharf and East India - slouch

From Cyprus in Beckton to Barking by bus (not much to take pictures of) to East India basin and Trinity Buoy Wharf by DLR

Barking Boats

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Container City

Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse

Trinity Buoy Wharf lightship

East India

East India Basin - wildlife reserve

O2 Cormorants

Looking South East-ish

East India listed gates

Builder Buoy

Random Fish

Goa 2012 - starting to conservate

Goa 2012 - starting to conservate - just before my full conservation mission starts

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Playing with my camera

Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc Machismo

Playing with my Machismo

May in Goa, everyone has gone

The Naz-Lavi


Pretty Goa

Yaz and I did some voluntary saving things and helping people