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Burning Wolfhound, a novel

You can buy my novel as an ebook or paper book. Available worldwide on Amazon.

Burning Wolfhound

Assassin Bernhart Smith chases American gangster Jack Davenport and his crew across the world, seeking revenge for a series of bloody murders. Setting out from the bleak North Norfolk coast of England in his ex-navy gunboat the Wolfhound, Bernhart continues the hunt through Rotterdam, Oldenzaal, Gibraltar, Monaco, Malta, Egypt, and India.

Reaching the Himalayan town of Darjeeling in pursuit of Jack, Bernhart finds his journey has not yet ended. Via sex, drugs, motorbikes and birdwatching, Bernhart’s fears and desires explode in a final gripping twist.

Burning Wolfhound, an action-adventure thriller, is set in 1968.

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Tower Bridge, London

Reading Raymond Carver

I've had a Raymond Carver book out of the library for something like six months and got to the last selection of short stories. I nearly decided to take it back to the library today as felt like I was fed up with it, but I can't. I've learnt so much from reading it I must just read the rest.

Started a novel today

I started a post apocalyptic novel today. I have to do one for my degree and finally got going on an idea I've had for ages.

My ideal reader or muse, no, not me

I just read an essay about the ideal reader. They were saying that all writers write to someone. I was told this a long time ago in a creative writing class and I would say it was the one main thing responsible for me not writing for years. I couldn’t define that person, who they were. I stopped writing as I thought I needed to find that reader to address.
All these years later, getting annoyed reading that essay, I discover what I actually do. I don’t write to anyone but my characters. I owe it to them to build their life in the story. I address the writing to them by building their life and reason to be. I owe it to them. I owe it to them to enter into their heads, not the readers heads. If I extract the human from my characters then that is what will resonate with the readers, not pandering to an assumed market, body of people, or Mrs Baggins of 3 Cherry Road, Basingstoke.

Save your eyes with f.lux

This software dims the white light on your display towards evening. Being dyslexic this is essential for me. I just found out I can manually dim the display further with keystrokes. I've used it for years. It's free, but after finding that feature I just sent them £5.