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Resisting the desire for a new phone in the name of conservation.

What was I thinking? My new phone had two faults and I am returning it now for a refund. However, during this period I have been battling with the thing, adding apps, taking them off. Also, all my political poems always complain about "getting a new phone" as the world seems to be locked into this crazy cycle (among many other decadent landfill items). I have reverted to my old phone which will only die as the app makers stop supporting it. So I realise I am bending to pressure to have to have a new phone, and for what? Complete stress for these stupid apps that I realise, I don't actually want, and a nasty battery to poison the planet. I guess I have to suppress my inner geek for new stuff and turn it to preserving old stuff again. Much more in line with my conservation desires! It's not easy being green!!