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Burning Wolfhound a novel, see the video: via @YouTube #novel #action #thriller #youtube

Burning Wolfhound a novel, see the video: via @YouTube #novel #action #thriller #youtube


Dark Letter, a poem by Justin Tuijl

the sun sets over
poetry like a boss
and grey shards
of dark
on your eclipsed mobile
a cushion for your botty
and a hard chair for your
boney pope
flick away you matches
and have 40 winks
unless you feel
the darkness envelopes
in a letter to the dark
over the river of
much is known, little is interesting
and I wave to her as she leaves me for the last time
I saw her go & I nearly didn’t
how things would have been
so tragic
so fucking awful

was for lonely geeks, a poem by Justin Tuijl

computers were for geeks
when i was young
i was allowed to use an Apple 2 computer
1977 or so
no internet
computing was on your own
with a set of written
program instructions
to copy out,
or make your own in basic

then the Spectrum
then the Amiga 500
then the Amiga 1200
then the PC

then the internet

now geeks don’t need to be alone

forever mug, a poem by Justin Tuijl

This used to be my favourite mug
there are two clowns on it
one at the front and one at the back
it’s made of Pyrex
was always good at making Earl Grey
my dad got it for me
at Easter
it had an egg in it
i don’t remember the egg
he got my mum an egg
with a mug
chocolate buttons mug
that mug was smaller
Pyrex never breaks

Blogger goes back to the old days pre-Google Plus

Blogger always lacked a certain search engine visibility, which is bizarre, as it is by Google.

I pretty much gave up on it due to this in the old days. The only hope was to get others to post links to articles on there.

This all changed with Google Plus, the flawed social media application from Google. It was pretty bad, but one thing it did do was republish the posts from Blogger. I noticed a massive increase in traffic in those days when I posted a blog that was republished to Google Plus.

Now that Google Plus has gone we are back to the old days, posts die if you don't promote. Experience has shown me that I need to get more exposure from other websites linking to my articles in order to get articles noticed, there is little in the way of organic traffic to Blogger.

This is a shame, as I have several Wordpress blogs, but this Blogger one stays there, and I keep posting to it. Hopefully Google will develop the product and not consign it to another one of their abandonwares.

Blakes 7 - the flawed but awesome BBC Sci-fi series from the 1970's

There was a series back in the 1970's on BBC TV called Blakes 7.

It was horribly under-budget for a Sci-fi series as it inherited its budget from the cop show it replaced. Blakes 7 was a flawed but awesome series. 

It should have been so much better than it was, it was always about the potential it had, rather than what it actually achieved.

Recently I sat and watched the four series again with my wife, who is an actress. I've watched it so many times, but this time it was with new eyes.

Series 1 was subject to a lot of bad acting and lack of budget.
Series 2 the actors were getting into their roles, there was clearly more money.
Series 3 unfortunately there was now more money but the actor lineup had changed and shifted the dynamic
Series 4 more money but actors trying to get into roles and a big Star Wars influence, Paul Darrow turned Avon upto 11. Series 4 was quite influenced by Alien.

The best actor was clearly Paul Darrow and he held onto the character very well until series 4 when he suddenly became larger than life.

Most of the series involved actors getting into the roles and as they got there, the dynamics changed again. And Travis 2 was just so bad, he never nailed it. It seems that Brian Croucher had not seen the Travis 1 character by Stephen Greif when he took over in season 2. Brian refused to have his face half covered by the eyepatch as it would ruin his looks! Funny how with the full eyepatch Stephen looks more handsome! It is a shame Stephen only played it for the first season, it was at first a tennis injury that took him out, followed by other acting commitments.

It was basically "cowboys and Indians in space", clearly Paul Darrow was delighted to be running about like a cowboy.

Really, the biggest star was the Liberator, which, in the 70's was the sexiest ship ever flown badly in an effects studio. It remained sexy for a long time, until it looked outdated, a bit like the Interceptor Special in Mad Max.

For me it took many years and many rewatchings to fully get over Blakes 7. For me it was much more influential than Star Trek. They lacked money for special effects as concentrated more on characters. As a kid and a young adult the effect was immense. Much like the effect Biggles books had on me. Of course it influenced my writing and Burning Wolfhound is clearly a Biggles/Blakes 7 rip off.

And yes, I looked through the names of the planets on Blakes 7, and xenon became the name of this blog. This was the planet from series 4 where they had their base: Xenon Base.

All the pictures were stolen from the web:

The Liberator
The crew in season 1/2
Good bad Travis (1)

Bad bad Travis 2

Creative and Professional Writing degree, passed, but B+

I passed my degree in Creative and Professional Writing at the University of East London with an upper 2.1 (really a B+)

My access course to writing in 2014-15 I got basically a B+

In the two terms at uni 2015-16-17 I got an upper 2.1

Of course the grades don't count to the degree from year 1, I did very well in certain modules in year 1. Year 2 was a struggle as the fellow students in my student hall accommodation had a party every single night. I'm amazed I managed a grade at all! I used to sleep with earplugs in and ear defender headphones on!

Year 3 was troublesome with accommodation too, I moved out of halls due to year 2 but the new place in North Woolwich wasn't much better.

I think I may have managed a first but by the end I had really had enough. I needed to revise my research methods coursework for my dissertation a little more and revise the coursework for copy-writing. I also misunderstood the instructions for the course work of copy-writing. I did ad copy for most of my career in printing, I went from "this person knows nothing about copy-writing" in CW1 to "this person knows everything about copy-writing" in CW2. The problem was, the tutor said for CW1 "just do plain text, you revise the assignments for CW2" which is what I did, seems this was not correct. I did plain text for CW1 and it seems I was supposed to do copy-writing on it.

I was 4% off a first. But, I really had nothing left to pull those last marks out. Accommodation was the biggest issue really. I mostly had to wear earplugs to block out fellow tenants most of the time.

Anyway, all my life B+ was the mark I always got, "A" was never for me, so, B+, story of my life!

The big saving grace was that my writing was never in question, I always did well with my creative writing, poems, non-fiction etc. The tutors said that I could write, I just needed to do better at the essays. The academic side was just a little short. However, as a dyslexic, I was amazed I even managed to write my name!

fog mirrors - a poem by Justin Tuijl

The carrot
Walking stick
Under my
In the
Of it
There’d be a doughnut
Tough nut
Do your wobbly

Outer Hebrides

For TyLean's birthday we went to the Outer Hebrides - Nov 2019

Howmore Church with long communion table