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Blogger goes back to the old days pre-Google Plus

Blogger always lacked a certain search engine visibility, which is bizarre, as it is by Google.

I pretty much gave up on it due to this in the old days. The only hope was to get others to post links to articles on there.

This all changed with Google Plus, the flawed social media application from Google. It was pretty bad, but one thing it did do was republish the posts from Blogger. I noticed a massive increase in traffic in those days when I posted a blog that was republished to Google Plus.

Now that Google Plus has gone we are back to the old days, posts die if you don't promote. Experience has shown me that I need to get more exposure from other websites linking to my articles in order to get articles noticed, there is little in the way of organic traffic to Blogger.

This is a shame, as I have several Wordpress blogs, but this Blogger one stays there, and I keep posting to it. Hopefully Google will develop the product and not consign it to another one of their abandonwares.

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